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A bill that passed the Illinois Legislature Tuesday allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, opening up a new driving population to the state’s insurers that will be able to offer coverage to hundreds of thousands of motorists. READ MORE >>

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a recommendation that all states require the placement of ignition interlock devices in vehicles owned by convicted drunk drivers. The five-person board noted that IIDs are currently the best way to keep drunk drivers off the road, thereby reducing the number of driving deaths per year. READ MORE >>

New federal research shows that around 1 out of every 24 survey respondents reported falling asleep while driving at least once in the 30 days before taking the survey.The survey, to be published in Friday’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prev... READ MORE >>

Illinois' mandatory insurance law is one of the most significant consumer protection measures now on the books. Complying with the Law You are in compliance with the mandatory insurance law if you have vehicle liability insurance in the following minimum amounts: READ MORE >>

When you buy an insurance policy, it's important to understand what's included in the contract, as well as what's not included. Unfortunately, insurance contracts use unique vocabulary, and for many people, they are almost as easy to read as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. READ MORE >>

Missouri governor Jay Nixon signed drunk driving legislation that will attempt to guide DUI offenders into alcohol treatment programs, and to strengthen punishment for repeat offenders, the Columbia Missourian is reporting. According to Nixon, the legislation will make roads safer and make the drunk driving laws across the state more uniform. READ MORE >>

Insurance companies have a lot of complex responsibilities. They design specific policies for policyholders, by deciding the risk of a potential policyholder, establishing effective rates that are affordable while trying to earn a profit, all while meeting their claim obligations to their customers. READ MORE >>

Chances are drivers will not be involved in a vehicle accident during these travels, but everyone likely will be involved in at least one car accident in his or her lifetime. Questions then can arise if one or both of the vehicle drivers don’t have car insurance. What happens now? READ MORE >>

Illinois is getting tougher on uninsured drivers with a new state law that more than doubles the penalties for motorists who are caught driving without coverage multiple times.The law, which takes effect in January, mandates that anyone with two or more previous convictions for driving uninsured ... READ MORE >>

In the United States, an SR-22 is a vehicle liability insurance document used by some state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. The SR in SR22 stands for Safety Responsibility. An SR22 Filing is filed by an auto insurance company, and submitted to the state. READ MORE >>

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